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The architecture has changed – but the soul remains intact and the spirit remains vibrant; the spirit of the Maroons- the soul of ‘Shishu Bihar’.

The journey started by our predecessors has traversed many a path; it has seen many a milestone. From the modest nursery section of the yesteryears to the imposing building of today, we have come a long way. Along the journey, the school has produced many a gem- doctors, engineers, army officers , civil servants, sportspersons, journalists, musicians, scholars & most importantly ‘good human beings’. None of it would have been possible without our teachers and the support staff who have been & continue to be our guiding lights- nurturing all of us through our formative years.

Everyone connected to this institution at some point of time- the students, the teachers, support staff, have all preserved a little bit of ‘Shishu Bihar’ inside them. This little bit connects the ‘SB’ians to their alma mater like the umbilical cord.

As the school continues the glorious journey we hope that this website would be another milestone which would bring the alumni, current students & teachers together in the cyberspace. After all you can take a man/woman out of the alma mater but you cannot take the alma mater out of him/her. 
-Shuvadeep Chakraborty


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Susanta Das : I am extremely delighted to know that our Alumni student Sri Dhrubajyoti Rakshit (2004) is going to launch the website of Shishu Bihar H.S. School on 31th May 2010 as a mark of his utmost dedication, devotion and commitment towards this prestigious institution. I most cordially extend my greetings and thanks to him for this noble endeavour which will open up unique avenues in the field of easy communication with the teachers and students at home and abroad. His spontaneous initiative in the field of linking and connectivity has given new dimension to this premiere institution. In recognition to his contribution in this field, I lend my warm appreciation to him. I am confident that this initiative of Sri Rakshit will act as a source of inspiration to all the like-minded students of all times to be motivated to take some pioneering initiatives in different fields in the general interest of the institute..



Reeta De Choudhury : The Shishu Bihar website, going to be launched on May 31, 2010, is expected to be a kind of bridge connecting the teachers and students (both ex and existing) besides fulfilling the needs of the School and the Society.

I, on my personal behalf and on behalf of the School, express my heartfelt thanks to Dhrubajyoti Rakshit, 2004 pass-out, for designing the website. I also sincerely thank one and all for extending support and suggestions in developing the site.

To conclude, I would say believing that the legacy of Shishu Bihar continues and needs to be upheld through sincere devotion, commitment and hard work of each and every member of the Shishu Bihar family as well as its well wishers.



Shishu Bihar Secured 4 positions in H.S. 2010
The Official Website of Shishu Bihar H.S. School was launched on 31.05.2010


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